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New petrol generator available from Owen's Electric Motor Rewinds Gympie.At Owens Electric Motor Rewinds, we have a large stock of portable generators and can supply new generators in single phase from 850watts upwards. Generators are available in electric start from 6KVA.

Tractor packs, welder/generators and workstations to suit your individual needs are also available through Owens Electric Motor Rewinds.

We at Owens are able to supply you with the choice of many different brands of Generators. Genelite, Dynalink, and Cummins just to name a few, are some of your choices. Why not call in and talk to us and get the right generator for the job.

Don't wait until you run out of power. Call in and see Jeff today so you don't get caught out in the summer storms and power outs. Most generators can be connected to the MEN system of your house and with the addition of a changeover switch in your switchboard, can keep your household appliances running.

New diesel generator available from Owen's Electric Motor Rewinds Gympie.

  • Available in Electric Start
  • Available in petrol or diesel
  • Available from 850 watts
  • Easily connects to household MEN system
  • Click here for more information on Genelite generators.

    Contact Owen's Rewinds

    Whatever the generator need, contact Jeff at Owen's Electric Motor Rewinds on 07 5482 7171.

    Email: workshop@owensrewinds.com.au
    Phone (07) 5482 7171
    Fax (07) 5482 7993

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